Sewer pipe inspection, cleaning, and trenchless no-dig repair within Atlantic Canada.
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Detect-All provides remote inspection services including: sewer and pipe inspection, cleaning, and trenchless no-dig repair. Also underground utility locating, on-site septic system inspections and locating. Markets served: federal, provincial, municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and P.E.I.

Services Provided

‣ Stormwater Inflow Reduction Assessments
‣ Remote Camera Inspections (from 2″ to 96″ pipes)
‣ Chimney and Breech Pipe Inspections
‣ Wall and Floor Void Inspections
‣ Bridge Column Inspections
‣ Tank Inspections
‣ Sewer Pipe and Lining – Cured in Place (CIPP) Structural Spot Repairs
‣ Culvert Repairs
‣ Pipe Reaming
‣ High Pressure Cleaning and Flushing (from 2″ to 96″ pipes)
‣ Hydro Excavation
‣ Smoke Testing
‣ Pressure Testing
‣ Manhole to Manhole Re-lining
‣ Robotic Cutting (Protruding Laterals)
‣ Septic Tank Locating
‣ On-Site Septic Inspections
We’ve now added Hurco as another line of utility products to our family. We are the sole distributor Hurco products in Atlantic Canada. We are pleased to represent and distribute Hurco products.

Detect-All is proud to be a distributor for Hathorn Cameras for Atlantic Canada.

Featured Hathorn Products

Command Modules (H12 & M18)
With Standard Reels – 4 sizes plus Micron
Wi-Fi Camera Reels – 3 Reel Sizes plus Micron
No Monitor Required
Complete Systems – H2

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